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Contact our customer service team

You can directly contact the soleseat service hotline 400-838-1819, we will be happy to answer your call. Or you can contact us by email

Service hotline to answer time: Monday - Friday, 9:00-11:30am 13:00-17:00pm

Customer benefits

In soleseat, your device will be obtained by soleseat professional training and authorized by the engineer to carry out maintenance.


Comprehensive maintenance and safety testing

Overall maintenance of equipment and replacement of wear parts. After the repair is completed, we will carry on the function and the security inspection to the equipment.


Service hotline

We are very happy to answer all your questions, please dial the service hotline 400-838-1819.

After service

For soleseat products, since the purchase date, soleseat provides one year warranty period for individual customers, covering materials and manufacturing defects (specific warranty to the provisions of the "soleseat customer service service guide" or "warranty card" as the standard). You must provide the purchase invoice when you enjoy the warranty service.

Product customer service partner

You can contact any soleseat product customer service partner when you are in need of maintenance equipment.