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MMOne: $30 billion valuation of the VR Gaming Chair
time: 08/08/2016    by: Jonathan

   Virtual reality (Virtual Reality, hereinafter referred to as the VR) the invention of our lives "upside down" changes. Because of it, we can experience the game is tied to the MMOne chair feeling dizzy stimulus. MMOne game chairs simulate all the movement and displacement in the virtual reality game, so that you experience each rotation.


   Whether you're jumping in VR, driving the plane to do a barrel roll maneuver or wall running, MMOne game chair can make you personally on the scene. This game chair represents the highest technical level of all kinds of products in the current VR field. Technology consulting firm (adviser Tech) Digi-Capital estimates MMOne Gaming Chair will attract about $30 billion investment.


   MMOne co-founder Ryzhkin GamesBeat in an interview with Alex has claimed that the company aims to provide players with VR head mounted devices (such as Rift HTC and Vive Oculus, etc.) supporting immersive interactive experience. I was sitting in the chair on the MMOne game experience of Ubisoft's racing game Trackmania and a stunt flying game, very realistic driving simulation stimulus which, while rotating upside down experience dazzled me.