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Our strategy
"In terms of sustainable development, soleseat is a variety of high-end gaming chair benchmarking enterprises, has a leading customer perception and satisfaction." This sentence summarizes the objectives of our sustainability management. To achieve this vision before 2020, soleseat company to develop a sustainable development strategy for this purpose. The project includes 14 central goals for the entire group, which can be classified as the following six areas of action:
• Responsible for the environment • Product liability • Responsible for the supply chain
• Responsible for the company • Corporate social responsibility • Responsible for employee
Qualification certification
Code of conduct
Freedom of Association

We recognize that employees have freedom of association. We cooperate with each other on the basis of mutual trust.

Reasonable wages and working hours

Wages and social security in line with the local basic legal standards.

Health and safety

We focus on employee safety, prevent employees from taking place at work, and take a number of measures to ensure the health of employees.

Environmental protection

Soleseat in the design of products, services and processes are uphold the principle of environmental protection. No matter where we are, we are strict compliance with environmental requirements and take the responsibility of the attitude of the use of natural resources.