Supply chain & Products
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Responsibility for supply chain and product
Today, the customer is very critical. Compared with before, now they will ask more questions before buying the product, such as where it is produced by whom and under what conditions, what is the production of materials, whether can be recycled, the machine work efficiency to...... Soleseat is very serious about the customer's questions, and give the corresponding answer.
Certification equipment - Global

ISO 14001 is a globally recognized environmental management standard. Compliance with this standard, you can achieve the company's environmental performance objectives, and continuously improve the process.


[1] United States: Camas, Chandler, Englewood

[2] Mexico: Monterrey

[3] Brazil: Vinhedo

[4] Germany: Winnenden, Schwaikheim, Illingen, Gissigheim, Obersontheim,LZ Obersontheim

[5] Italy: Quistello, Valcellina Montereale, Volpiano, Emilia Reggio

[6] China: Changshu

Focus on Supply Chain
Overall procurement

We buy a computer for office, buy consulting services, but also to buy advertising creativity. But the most important is the leather, aluminum, plastic and product parts or fully assembled machine components, such as raw materials, because to control the entire life cycle of the product.

Product life cycle management

Become soleseat suppliers to meet strict standards. We will continue to review the quality, environment, and process audits and visits to the company, especially the suppliers of production materials. At present, we have been able to understand the potential suppliers and their performance through a variety of solutions.

Customer orientation

Soleseat to establish cooperative relations with customers through candid communication. Our products and services provide customers with the ideal solution to the real benefits, quickly and flexibly to solve their cleaning problems.

Raise standards

The future, because the new unified platform, through the support system, responsible for local and global business process people can check suppliers whenever and wherever possible, this is a major breakthrough to provide sustainable quality assurance.